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Need for care services may be met with in-home help

| Mar 12, 2018 | Care Planning

For many in Colorado, the thought of declining health as they age can be frightening. Along with the uncertainty that an illness brings, there is the ever-increasing cost of health care, especially long-term care. When seniors consider their need for care services, they often express a desire to remain in their homes as long as possible. This means including the option for in-home care as they plan for their retirement.

In-home care services can be as basic as assistance with meal preparation and light housework, but it may also include more skilled nursing care such as physical therapy or wound care. Many seniors who are otherwise independent find this option helpful when recovering from surgery or in the early stages of a degenerative condition. The benefits include remaining in a familiar and comfortable environment and receiving individual attention, which often makes recovering from an illness or operation much quicker.

Some of the drawbacks include the feeling of isolation some patients develop from being homebound and the challenges of dealing with medical emergencies. Those weighing this option may also take into consideration the lack of regulation in the home care industry. While family members can be involved in the home care of their loved ones, this often leads to burnout.

Home health care is a less expensive option for aging loved ones, but it is not uncommon for the costs of in-home care to add up quickly. Many who begin home services eventually find it no longer meets their need for care services, and they require the more intensive assistance of a Colorado nursing facility. Because the cost of senior care can be astronomical, it is critical to plan well for these possibilities. Seeking the advice of an attorney is a good first step toward making these difficult decisions.

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