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What and who does Medicaid cover?

People can misunderstand what Medicaid coverage looks like and who is actually covered, adversely affecting their long-term care plans. To avoid missing out on critical benefits and exhausting your own resources in the interest of qualifying for coverage, read on for...

What to look for when you visit Mom or Dad

As states ease their lockdown rules, people will be eager to visit loved ones. If you have older, vulnerable parents, you could be especially ready to visit them in person. However, in addition to being mindful of how to visit them safely, you should also prepare to...

Can you take care of your parent in your home?

Many adult children anticipate caring for an aging parent at some point. This expectation can stem from wanting to retain a close relationship or out of obligation. Whatever the reasons may be, determining if such an arrangement is feasible will be crucial.A primary...

Changing your estate plan as your kids grow up

Having children can change a person’s ideas about the future. As such, creating an estate plan is something many people do when they become parents.Creating an estate plan is certainly wise for new parents. However, it is also important to update and revise your plans...

Using technology to prevent financial abuse

As we get older, we can become increasingly dependent on others, and some people experience mental declines that affect memory and comprehension. These conditions make people vulnerable and, unfortunately, targets for financial exploitation. To protect yourself, your...

Talking to your parents about an estate plan

Topics like funeral plans, inheritances and incapacitation are not exactly topics that families enjoy discussing. However, as our parents get older, these difficult conversations can become increasingly valuable to have.If you have not talked to your parents about...


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