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Care coordination for aging parents can provide peace of mind

On Behalf of | Sep 13, 2019 | Care Planning

People are living longer in Colorado and the question of how to do that gracefully is on the forefront of many people’s minds. One term frequently heard is “age in place,” which is the considered the best scenario and allows a person to remain at home. There are issues that should be addressed in order to make this goal a realistic choice. Care coordination undertaken before an aging person requires extra help is the best approach.

One factor to take into consideration is how well-configured the home is for aging in place. Will it accommodate a wheelchair if necessary? Can it be reconfigured for one-floor living if it is a two-story house? What remodeling changes are necessary to accomplish these goals and are they affordable?

Another issue is determining who will take on the care of an aging person. This task frequently falls to the person’s children, but there are issues to be considered here as well. An adult child who takes on the responsibility of caring for an aging parent risks a negative  impact to his or her career, health and financial well-being. An adult child may feel unable to accomplish any of the necessary tasks successfully as one becomes ever more stretched by the added stress and responsibility.

The best option for allowing for aging in place may be long term-care insurance. This can be costly but does provide for care and also can protect one’s assets. If long-term care is cost prohibitive, Medicaid may be an option. Although there are income and asset limits that must be met in order to qualify, an experience elder law attorney can outline strategies designed to qualify the individual, while preserving a significant portion of the assets.

Planning for one’s golden years is ever more important as people are living longer. Care coordination in Colorado can be accomplished successfully with the help of an estate planning professional who is experienced in crafting elder care plans. Having peace of mind that a plan is in place for parents as they age can be a priceless gift.