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Estate Planning

What happens to your debts after you die?

Maybe you have student loans from college that still have a six-figure balance despite years of making payments. Perhaps you tend to carry a high balance on your credit cards or still owe thousands in patient responsibility costs for recent cancer treatment. There are...

Tips for business succession planning

For business owners, estate planning is often wrapped up in business succession planning. The business is the most important and most valuable asset that the individual owns. They want to give it to their children so that it can continue running and providing an...

What should you know about trusts?

All adults should have at least a basic estate plan. For some, creating a will is sufficient but other people will need to have at least one trust to pass their assets down to their heirs and beneficiaries. Anyone who’s considering establishing trusts should...

Why use a disinheritance clause?

Clearly, the main reason to use a disinheritance clause when doing your estate planning is because you want to cut someone out of your estate plan. You don't want to leave them any of your assets. This person otherwise would have expected to get something – maybe they...


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