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Tips for resolving guardianship disputes

Making personal or medical decisions on someone else's behalf is not a precise science; people have different perspectives and opinions about what is in another person's best interests, which can lead to conflicts. Thus, it can be crucial to know how to resolve...

Signs that your parent may need a guardian

Determining that someone is incapacitated is not always a precise process. Indeed, there are situations where a specific event or injury triggers severe mental or psychological issues that prevent a person from making decisions. But in many cases, the transition into...

How a guardian can help vulnerable adults

Vulnerable adults can experience several obstacles as they get older. Helping them overcome these obstacles isn't always easy, and sometimes we need outside parties to play a role. Guardianships are one way to help a person manage their medical and personal care and...

Should I be my parent’s guardian?

If your parent can no longer manage his or her own care without help, it may be time to appoint a guardian. A guardian assists a vulnerable adult (also called the ward) in various tasks, from arranging health care to shopping for clothes and food. This role is a...

What do guardians and conservators do?

Being appointed to certain legal roles can be intimidating. In the space of one event, you could become responsible for someone else's financial health, safety and decision-making. It can be a lot to take on, particularly if you are not prepared for the role.For...


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