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Adjusting to being your parents’ protector

On Behalf of | Mar 16, 2017 | Financial Planning

You may be a very accomplished adult with a long list of achievements. And you may be a parent who is successful in your own right. But you will never outgrow being your parent’s child. And perhaps you have recently realized that your parents are at a point in their lives where they need your help to a greater degree than they are able to admit. As difficult as this may be for all of you, it could be time for you to assert yourself a bit more in their affairs.

Flipping roles from child to caretaker is no easy task for neither you nor your parents. In fact, the very notion could seem almost surreal. After all, your parents brought you into the world and served as your protectors and providers as you grew into adulthood. And on a certain level, they will always be the overseers of your well-being in your mind. That is a feeling that is not likely to change no matter how old you grow.

Likewise, to your parents, you will always be their child. A large part of their identity is vested in caring for you. To this day, they may still be at the ready to offer you assistance in any way they can. No matter what their condition, they may never cease to feel responsible for your safety and happiness.

Your parents may not be totally ready for you to be the one who looks after them and you may feel uncertain as to how to make the transition yourself, but it is an important step to take. And we at the Vincent & Romeo, LLC law firm understand the delicate nature of the situation. We are dedicated to helping our clients create financial plans for elder citizens which can help protect their assets as well as other aspects of their well-being. Please feel free to contact us so we can discuss how we can tailor our services to fit your needs.