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Why is an elder law attorney necessary?

On Behalf of | Dec 24, 2015 | Financial Planning

During the two most vulnerable times in our lives, when we are infants and when we are seniors, we require the help of others to advocate for our care. When we are born, our parents take on the responsibility of raising us, caring for us, and providing for us. As we age, our parents are less able to take on these responsibilities. When we become seniors, our parents are gone, leaving us once again vulnerable. For aging seniors, it is important to have an advocate to take on the responsibilities that our parents once did. For many seniors and their families, this means finding the help of an elder law attorney.

Elder law is an area of law designed to address the main issues that affect aging individuals. Elder law attorneys can help seniors, or those approaching retirement age with issues related to retirement, guardianship, long-term care, and health care. Elder law attorneys focus on the areas of life that mainly impact seniors, and therefore, may be able to offer older individuals a more comprehensive service than other types of attorneys.

The issues that are most important to aging seniors are typically of a very sensitive and emotional nature. Elder law attorneys have the experience needed to address these concerns with care and compassion. Estate planning, designating power of attorneys, guardianship designation, and advanced directives are just a few of the highly sensitive subjects elder law attorneys address.

For individuals approaching retirement age or those simply in need of valuable estate and financial planning advice, speaking to an elder law attorney may help. With their knowledge, you may be able to address all of your concerns in a compassionate and professional manner.