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Is it time for your parent to move to a nursing home?

On Behalf of | Jan 19, 2022 | Firm News

It can be difficult to accept that a parent needs more help than they are getting.

If you are taking care of your parent or they are ill, you may be wondering: Is it time for my parent to move to a nursing home?

Assessing their condition

Nursing homes provide a range of services for patients, from social outlets to a safe place to live. Determining whether it is time for your parent to move to a senior care facility depends on their condition.

For instance, a nursing home can be a good fit for a parent who:

  • Suffers from memory loss
  • Cannot manage their hygiene or nutrition
  • Has increasingly deteriorating mobility
  • Does not want to live alone
  • Is not able to drive or get places independently

These conditions can indicate that someone needs more hands-on care and attention than they are currently receiving.

Are there alternatives?

Nursing homes can be the appropriate solution for many people, but it is not the only one. There are alternatives to these facilities that may be suitable.

For instance, your parent may move in with a family member or other loved one who can take care of them. They may also be able to stay in their own home if someone moves in with them or if you hire individuals to come and do things like administer medication, take care of the home and help your parent with personal care.

There are also services like adult daycares and assisted or group living facilities.

What do they want?

Perhaps the most critical factor in determining whether to move your parent to a nursing home is whether that is what they want. 

Unless your parent is incapacitated or under the supervision of a guardian, they make their own decisions. Thus, before you decide anything, you can talk to them about what they want.

In some cases, they may already have long-term care plans in place. Whether this is the case with your parent or not, talking to them about what they want is essential.

Taking these elements into consideration can help families determine if it is time to move a parent to a nursing home.