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Several people hoping court removes conservatorship in this case

On Behalf of | Aug 15, 2019 | Guardianships

Colorado, like most other states, is home to many Star Trek fans. Many people have a favorite character on the still-popular old TV show. Nichelle Nichols, who played Lieutenant Uhura, ranks high on most lists, especially because she broke through racial barriers as the first black woman to hold a leading role in a prime time television series. Now age 86, however, the former actress is reportedly going through a stressful time in her personal life regarding conservatorship.

A judge ruled that Nichols’s son should act as conservator, managing his mother’s financial and daily life affairs. The court is convinced that Nichols suffers from dementia, hence the need for someone to act on her behalf. Several friends of Nichols, including her former manager and a TV producer, have adamantly stated that she is not delusional at all.

Nichols’s advocates say her son schemed his way into conservatorship because he wants to have access to her estate assets. Both friends are now working to protect Nichols’ rights and to request that the court remove her son as conservator. Nichols herself is said to have been quite upset upon learning about the court’s ruling. There is apparently a video of Nichols having an emotional outburst regarding the documents her son filed in court.

Conservatorship is definitely an issue that can spark contention between family members or friends if those involved disagree about a person’s mental health state. A licensed neurologist can make a diagnosis regarding signs of dementia or can confirm that the person in question is still of sound mind and able to make his or her own financial and other daily life decisions. Anyone in Colorado who experienced legal problems regarding such matters may request a consultation with an attorney experienced in elder law litigation.