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Can someone receive home health care through Medicaid?

On Behalf of | Jul 28, 2019 | Medicaid Planning

One of the most important things to consider as a loved one ages is health care. There are a number of possibilities, depending in part on where someone lives and their preferences. But increasingly, older Americans are looking to remain in their home.

A Pew Research survey found 61% of adults aged 65 and older would prefer to stay in their home – sometimes called “aging in place” – while having someone there to care for them. In Colorado, if someone is part of the state’s Medicaid program, know that there are some options for receiving limited forms of home health care.

Home health care through Health First Colorado

Colorado’s Medicaid Program, called Health First Colorado, provides some in-home health services. Those services can include:

  • Personal Care on an intermittent basis
  • Adult Day Care
  • Non-medical transportation
  • Electronic monitoring
  • Case management
  • Homemaker services
  • Respite of caregivers

How to qualify for in-home care

Medicaid recipients have to meet certain criteria to qualify for in-home care. That includes:

  • The services meet “medical necessity criteria”
  • The applicant meets specified income and asset criteria – no more than $126,000 in countable assets for a married couple (does not include house, car, personal property and a few other items); $2,000 for singles
  • Needed services are cost-effective (e.g., can’t be 24-hour care)

If eligible in Colorado, the applicant keeps the first $2,313 of his or her income and the spouse keeps all of his or her own income.

Planning for the future as loved ones get older can be emotionally difficult, and with Medicaid you might think there are very limited options. But with the right legal support and guidance, there are many possible paths to consider. That may even include allowing a loved one to age in place while receiving some in-home health services.