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37 percent have not addressed advance medical directives

| Nov 20, 2018 | Estate Planning

It’s not always easy to know what a loved one wants. In many instances, determining what the individual wants can be a guessing game. When it comes to gifts, this might be okay; however, when this guessing game relates to medical care, the stakes are much higher. Yet, research shows that only 37 percent of Americans, including Colorado residents, have addressed issues related to advance medical directives.

Some individuals want to make sure that everything possible is done to prolong life. If they are involved in a serious accident or become ill, they want all possible steps to be taken in order to make sure they survive. Thus, they are willing to endure whatever it takes in an attempt to allow them a little more time with their loved ones.

Others would prefer to be allowed to peacefully depart this life. If they become seriously ill or injured and there is little chance for recovery, they prefer to be allowed to go. While these individuals would prefer more time with loved ones, they recognize that this might not be what is best for all involved.

There is no right or wrong answer to these situations. However, in many instances, Colorado families are left feeling like they do not know the correct answer. Advance medical directives and related topics have not been discussed and the family is left not knowing what the individual truly wants. This problem can easily be resolved by working with an experienced attorney to make sure that all estate planning concerns are addressed before it is too late.