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Last minute estate planning can leave door open for dissention

On Behalf of | Oct 29, 2018 | Estate Planning

When faced with one’s mortality, each individual reacts in a very personal way. Some Colorado residents become reflective and want to review their history. Others think to the future and want to establish ways in which to mold the future for loved ones. With each of these approaches, the individual may wish to revisit his or her estate planning decisions.

In some instances, this may be a wise decision. If an estate plan has not already been developed, the individual will want to work through the process while there is still time. Additionally, if there have been significant relationship changes such as marriages, divorces, births and/or deaths in the family, there may be a need to update all of the relevant paperwork.

In other instances, though, revisiting the estate plan when death is quickly approaching may cause more problems than intended. Depending upon the family dynamics, changes may be viewed as a slight to one family member or another. Additionally, there may be some concern regarding the state of mind the individual was in at the time of the changes. These types of concerns can lead to conflict and dissension within the family long after the individual has passed away.

Estate planning is an important part of addressing one’s mortality and ensuring that loved ones are taken care of. Yet, once it is time to activate the estate plan, those involved are usually dealing with a range of emotions. Then, if there are questions and concerns regarding the Colorado resident’s estate planning decisions and recent changes, the drama surrounding the situation can quickly escalate. Experienced legal counsel can be essential when it is time to create the estate plan and when it is time to make revisions.