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Advance medical directives makes individuals’ desires known

On Behalf of | Jun 4, 2018 | Estate Planning

Life is full of choices. The Colorado resident chooses where to live, which occupation to become proficient at and even who to spend his or her life with. For some individuals, the desire to continue making such choices is a motivating factor. These individuals also wish to make choices regarding their health care and the extent to which medical treatment will be given. With this in mind, these individuals may benefit from creating  advance medical directives.

Accidents and illnesses can drastically alter one’s life. Within a matter of moments, an individual can suffer life-threatening injuries and decisions regarding what should be done will need to be made. Additionally, as one goes through life, the possibility of developing a terminal illness is always there. Again, at this moment in time, there are a number decisions that will need to be made.

Some individuals want every step possible to be taken in order to extend life. If there is a possibility that some procedure or medical action will allow him or her to have more time with loved ones, he or she wants to undergo the procedure, endure the chemotherapy or whatever other medical action may be indicated. Extending life a the primary goal.

Other individuals prefer that extreme measures not be taken if there is little hope. They are more interested in preserving quality of life and enjoying their remaining time. These individuals do not want to undergo yet another procedure or medical action.

Advance medical directives allow the Colorado resident to establish his or her desires. These desires become part of the document that will guide medical personnel and family members in knowing what the individual wants. An experienced attorney can assist in creating this document along with other necessary ones based upon the individual’s circumstances.