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Estate planning may require some spring cleaning

On Behalf of | Mar 21, 2018 | Estate Planning

The snow is starting to melt, flowers are beginning to bloom and kids are ready to play in the warmer weather. As spring kicks in, many Colorado families adhere to the yearly ritual of spring cleaning the house and yard. In addition to this ritual, it is also a good time to make sure that any cleaning up that needs to be done in regard to one’s estate planning needs is acted upon.

Prior to drafting a will, most individuals will carefully consider their current family status. The current spouse and children are typically taken into consideration, and these individuals are typically noted as beneficiaries in the will. At this point in time, it is the individual’s intent for these individuals to benefit from items specified in the will.

However, certain items that may be listed in the will also typically have beneficiary forms on file. These often include bank accounts, investment accounts and other such financial concerns. It is easy for these beneficiary forms to be forgotten about and not updated as necessary. For example, the beneficiary form may have been completed several years prior. Over time, relationships change, and the individual listed on the beneficiary form may not be the one that the individual wishes to receive these benefits.

Part of estate planning is making sure that each detail is properly addressed. There are instances in which important documents are overlooked and the Colorado resident’s final wishes are not met. Rather than risk this happening, experienced legal counsel can assist in making sure that everything is in place and meets the individual’s needs.

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