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Need for care services increases as individual ages

| Jan 3, 2018 | Care Planning

Life support, ventilators, nursing home care — these are but a few of the many decisions that the Colorado resident and his or her family may face as the individual ages. When it becomes necessary to make these decisions, the individual affected typically is unable to express his or her wishes. However, by recognizing the need for care services and planning ahead, these wishes can be expressed and planned for ahead of time.

Discussions regarding these issues are often difficult to have. The typical individual really does not want to think along these lines, and loved ones often do not want to recognize that there will come a point in time when everything changes. However, these are important decisions that need to be discussed and prepared for in advance.

Recognizing the necessity of these discussions and planning, Medicare will pay for a doctor’s visit in which the individual, his or her beneficiary and the doctor meet to discuss these planning essentials. This provides the individual an opportunity to ask questions and clearly make everyone aware of his or her desires. The beneficiary knows what the individual wants and can be comfortable knowing that the loved one’s wishes are being followed. Additionally, this is an opportunity for the doctor to discuss reasonable expectations based upon the individual’s medical history and lifestyle.

As the Colorado resident ages, the need for care services increases. By planning ahead and having these discussions before a critical point is reached, the individual and family can be prepared for the future. Experienced legal counsel can help guide the individual in knowing exactly which documents are needed based upon the individual’s desires and estate.

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