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On Behalf of | Mar 16, 2017 | Estate Planning

The passing of a loved one can be difficult to handle, especially if it was someone to whom you were close. Not only do you have to deal with the emotional aspect of the loss, but it is quite possible that you will play a role in the management of the estate.

When such is the case, it is extremely helpful if the decedent left his or her affairs in good order. This would mean that there exists and up-to-date will and perhaps a dependable trustee or executor who is prepared to carry out your loved one’s final wishes.

Unfortunately, there are instances when a deceased person’s affairs are not fully in order. Sometimes there is no will, or the will that does exist is being questioned for some reason. There are also occasions where an executor or trustee has not done his or her job correctly; either deliberately as an act of fraud or accidentally due to incompetence.

In such cases, an estate could end up going into probate, meaning that the state will be looking closely into the matter and rendering its decisions regarding the fate of the estate and the property and assets contained within.

If such is your circumstance, you could likely use the assistance of an experienced probate attorney. At Vincent & Romeo, LLC, we are capable and ready to help you resolve the legal issues you are presently encountering. We are prepared to litigate on your behalf regarding wills, trusts, and suspect behavior of trustees and other third parties. Please take a look at our website and feel free to contact us at your convenience.