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How can I find a home care worker for a loved one?

On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2017 | Care Planning

When a loved one has reached the point of needing medical and living assistance, there are a couple of possible options from which to choose. Of course, there are nursing homes, which can provide constant care and are often very expensive. Plus, your loved one may prefer to remain in his or her home. So, a better option would be to hire a home care worker.

But you want to make sure that whomever you hire is competent, trustworthy, well trained and a good match for your loved one. So where can you find the right person? Well, here are few things you can do as you search for a home care candidate:

  • Contact the placement center of a college that has a social work program.
  • Talk to coworkers, friends, neighbors and anyone else you know in the caregiving field for referrals.
  • Post ads in such old standbys as local newspapers and on websites.
  • Post a notice about the job on the bulletin boards of nearby hospitals, senior centers, libraries, rec centers and places of worship.

Your ads should describe the job’s duties and requirements along with some basic contact information like a phone number or e-mail address. But refrain from including such personal information as your name and street address.

If someone is going to come into your loved one’s home, it is vital that he or she can be trusted and is capable of doing the job. Choosing just the right candidate is only part of what can be an all-encompassing elder care plan. An experienced elder law attorney can offer you assistance in making the right decisions for your loved one so that he or she is well protected financially as well as physically.