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How should I secure my estate documents?

On Behalf of | Jan 8, 2017 | Estate Planning

If you go to all the trouble of carefully planning how your estate is to be handled in the event of your death, then it is likely important to you that your wishes be carried out to the letter. But in order to do this, your family members and others who are tasked with executing your plans must have access to all of the relevant documentation.

Part of your estate planning should include proper storage of your documents. One common error is putting important items in safe-deposit boxes. While these units are fine for most things, you don’t want to store any critical information pertaining to probating your will. This is because often banks will not allow a box to be opened until after the will has been probated. This means the whole probate process could delay indefinitely.

A much simpler and better method of document storage is to use a safe in your home. One advantage of using your own safe is that you will be able to tell if someone else has compromised your security information. And you can have your attorney store the safe’s combination for safe keeping.

Storing your probate-related documents involves finding a balance between an acceptable level of security and ease of access for your loved ones. An estate planning attorney can act as your confidant and help you create a plan that covers all of your estate and probate needs. This plan can include how to keep your information safe until that time when it is required.