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Month: August 2016

Elder abuse goes beyond financial exploits

Financial exploitation of the elderly or the incapacitated is one of the most common forms of maltreatment toward adults. Not only is  financial exploitation  typically perpetrated upon those with health risks, it can contribute to or cause health risks in those who...

What you should know about appointing a guardianship

When you are asked, appointed or believe that you would be doing the right thing to become the guardian of someone who is no longer able tend to his or her personal affairs, you will need to petition the court. However, be prepared to submit both an up-to-date credit...

How will you be remembered in the end?

When you think about your loved ones, and leaving them, this time is poignant. You want to leave a message, a gift and a legacy. And often, that doesn't just include financial gifts. Sometimes, more than any material thing you could bestow to another, you want to...


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