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A matter of when, not if

On Behalf of | Jul 24, 2016 | Estate Planning

We all die, there is no getting around that fact, no matter how healthy our lifestyle or how lucky we are on a genetic front. Some of us go early with a tragically short lifespan and others outlive children and grandchildren. So the matter of a will is relevant and becomes relevant as early as you have possessions or people to sign over care to.

In Colorado, a will is not considered valid if the testator, or will-creator, is under the age of 18. It is not valid if it has not been signed by a witness prior to, or in some cases, following the testator‘s death. If the testator orally left instructions for disbursement of assets but did not write them down and witnesses were unable to sign off, the will would not be recognized either.

There are numerous things a will can cover, including:

  • Naming a guardian to care for children who are minors.
  • Naming a non-minor trustee to oversee property bestowed to minor children is well-cared for.
  • Naming organizations or people as recipients of the testator’s possessions.
  • Naming a representative of your wishes to ensure the adherence  of the will’s terms.

Whether your time comes today or comes 70 years from today, if you have people you love still alive, an organization you admire or items you value as comprising an aspect of your legacy, what you leave behind and how you leave things will complete that legacy. With laws constantly changing, it helps to create a will with legal permanence, and you may be able to do that by enlisting the help of a Colorado estate law attorney.