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Share the details of your burial arrangements

On Behalf of | Apr 29, 2016 | Estate Planning

There is so much more to estate planning than simply drafting a will. However, for many individuals, that’s all they have, and when they pass, it is left up to the family members to pull together in a time of mourning and hastily make burial arrangements. This may even happen to individuals that have made their own burial arrangements. Without them sharing the details of their final wishes, it’s anyone’s guess if they will actually be carried out.

Many well-prepared individuals look into burial arrangements as part of their estate plan. Occasionally, these individuals may actually purchase a burial plot and work with a funeral home in advance to ensure their final wishes are completely planned for. While this forward thinking is sound planning, not sharing the plans with loved ones can make it all for nothing.

It is important for individuals to discuss their final wishes and burial arrangements with their family members. If another individual is put in charge of carrying these wishes out, they should know the details regarding funeral and burial arrangements, as well as any amount that has been paid for these services. While most of these issues can be addressed in a will, many individuals still forgo drafting one. Likewise, some individuals draft complex wills without ever addressing final wishes. Doing this can be a mistake and can create additional challenges for family members already suffering the loss of a loved one.

By working with an experienced attorney, individuals can draft a comprehensive estate plan, including will and burial arrangements that cover all the aspects of their final wishes. These attorneys may work with family members to ensure an individual’s arrangements are properly carried out.