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What is the purpose of a care plan?

On Behalf of | Mar 9, 2016 | Care Planning

Even if you are not currently in need of long-term care or in-home support, drafting a comprehensive care plan may still be in your best interest. A care plan helps individuals by outlining a program that addresses how you will be cared for later in life. By actively taking part in the preparation of this plan, you can see to it that you are cared for in the manner you desire.

Depending on your specific needs, a care plan may be able to address any criteria that have made you eligible for long-term care. Whether or not  an assessment  has identified you as someone in need, a care plan can be tailored to meet your individual physical and emotional requirements.

If you are in the need of  long-term care, a care plan may work to your benefit and the benefit of the individual or individuals responsible for your care. A care plan can identify goals relevant to your situation and can also lay out a course of action to meet these goals.

Although care plans are tailored to be individual to your needs, the goals outlined in a care plan are relatively similar from case to case. Generally speaking, the main goal of a care plan is to allow you to live independently with as much control over your situation as possible. Care plans are designed to allow you to have quality of life, continued involvement with family and a level of dignity and respect.

Care plans can be an invaluable asset to those who need them. Unfortunately, many individuals wait far too long to address their concerns related to long-term care. To receive the best and most timely care possible, individuals concerned with their future care should speak to an elder law attorney.