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Mistakes are common when confused about Medicare

On Behalf of | Mar 24, 2016 | Medicare Planning

Most people don’t like getting older. But many don’t mind turning 65. Not only is retirement usually right around the corner, but making it to 65 marks Medicare age and the end of the health insurance hassle. And while many seniors look forward to Medicare, its confusing process can have many enrollees missing their old plans.

As with just about everything else, being confused about a process as complex as Medicare can have people making costly mistakes that may affect their eligibility. Understanding the Medicare process, or working with someone that does, can help seniors avoid these costly mistakes and receive all the benefits they can.

Seniors receiving Social Security benefits are automatically enrolled in the Medicare program at the age of 65. However, individuals that opt out of Social Security are on their own when it comes to enrolling. And for a process that is extremely confusing and can be quite lengthy, waiting until the last minute is not advised. In fact, holding off on enrollment can leave individuals facing penalties or a delay in their benefits.

Medicare eligible seniors may want to speak with an elder law attorney about their Medicare coverage. Medicare offers various plans, all with specific purposes, and understanding their coverages and limitations can help seniors make the best choice for their needs.

Turning 65 and becoming eligible for Medicare should come as a relief to seniors struggling to find health care coverage. This relief, however, can quickly turn into frustration during the confusing enrollment process. Individuals concerned with the complex Medicare enrollment process can avoid this frustration by working with an elder law attorney.