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Medicare’s website may be more user-friendly in 2016

On Behalf of | Jan 21, 2016 | Medicare Planning

Hundreds of thousands of seniors and newly retired individuals have been anxiously anticipating the changes coming to Medicare for the new year. Despite rumors of sky-high premiums and other concerning issues, not all the changes in Medicare are for the worse. In fact, one of the main upgrades Medicare recipients may notice is that the Medicare website has improved its user friendliness.

Medicare recipients have shared a common complaint of the Medicare program;  its benefits and website are very difficult to use and understand. Fortunately, 2016 seems to have been somewhat of a turning point for the website’s users. One of the biggest highlights is an easy to use service checker toolbar which allows Medicare recipients to check the coverage available to them for a specific item, service or test.

Not only has the organization improved, but applying for Medicare has also become easier on the website. New enrollees can opt to complete a Medicare application online, or save an existing application to return to later. Medicare recipients may also find it easier to check which facilities and doctors they are eligible to see. Although the website has historically offered information regarding nursing homes, home health services and medical equipment suppliers, a more well-organized and user-friendly website will likely make the entire process easier.

Even though the Medicare website has undergone some upgrades, some individuals may still find it difficult to navigate through the maze of information. The Medicare program has commonly been referred to as confusing and does frustrate many individuals. For help understanding the basics of Medicare planning, especially for new enrollees, speaking to a qualified elder law attorney may help.