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Easing the burden we place on our loved ones

On Behalf of | Nov 27, 2015 | Care Planning

While doing research about long-term care planning, you’ve probably come upon a few sources that don’t paint a very pleasant picture. Resource and article titles like “How to stay sane while caring for loved ones” to “Caring for aging parents: What not to do” probably leaves you feeling pretty low about your inevitable need for care. And while some of these resources may be valuable to families planning to care for loved ones, there are two very valuable things every aging person should know.

First of all, it should come as no surprise that caring for an aging parent iss difficult. Not only are their ways usually  set in stone, but they can be pretty reluctant to take advice or help from their own children. When there is a health condition that requires advanced help, the situation can become even more complex. Making arrangements, weighing options and taking action for an aging adult’s health care can be extremely challenging. Without their understanding, it’s an uphill battle, and with their understanding it may be like parenting a parent.

The next and possibly most important thing every aging individual should know is that there are ways to limit the burden of care that we put on our loved ones. While estate planning may sound like something that is only done to designate what is left to whom, care planning plays a critical role in it.

Care planning allows aging individuals to reduce, if not eliminate the burden they place on their loved ones. Making arrangements for the what-ifs in life takes the guesswork out of long-term care and gives individuals and their families a plan of action for when action is needed. Aging parents can set aside funds for care and even designate a care provider or facility to provide for them in the event of disability or illness.

Finding an elder law attorney that has experience with long-term care planning may help aging individuals develop a customized care plan. With an attorney’s skill and knowledge, aging parents can ease the burden of care they may place on their children and live a longer, happier life.