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Need guidance to find a nursing home in Colorado?

On Behalf of | Oct 1, 2015 | Financial Planning

The sheer cost of nursing home care — and just how to pay for it — is quite the concern for many Colorado residents. Understandably, people want good care, care they can trust, but also need to balance this against cost and just how the nursing home bill is going to be paid.

The AARP has a tool to help with comparing costs of nursing homes across the country and within states. According to this tool, a private room nursing home in the Denver area costs — on average — around $86,000. In the Boulder area, the average cost per year is $102,000. Keep in mind, these averages are also using projections for cost in 2015. The projected costs are expected to increase over the years.

The good news for those thinking about how to pay for nursing care costs though is that help is available. At Vincent & Romeo, LLC, we take a Holistic Eldercare Legal Planning approach to helping clients find and pay for the care they need.

What this means is that our attorneys and elder care coordinators sit down with our clients and get to know what their needs and goals are. We help explore the possibility of using Medicaid and VA benefits to pay for care, all while working toward preserving family assets. We understand that people have worked hard over the years to leave assets for their family, but that people also want to make sure they are being properly taken care of in a home that meets their needs.  

Needs and goals range from person to person. This is why we look at the big picture and a family’s individual circumstances when providing guidance. To learn more, visit our website page dedicated to finding and paying for care.