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Home health care costs high

On Behalf of | Sep 4, 2015 | Care Planning

With the rising cost of nursing homes and assisted living facilities, some families have looked into the possibility of home health care for their loved ones. As some insurance companies report, the cost of in-home health care, often seen as the gold standard, is roughly half of the cost of a nursing home.

Companies like Genworth Financial offers people a way to look into state-specific costs for long-term care. Whether it is assisted living, in-home care, a private nursing home room or daytime health care, the costs for long-term care are compared, in an easy to understand way. The only problem is that the costs are alarming. As can be expected, the cost of nursing home provided long-term care has steadily increased over time. Likewise, the cost of other forms of care have steadily increased as well, but still remain half, if not less of that of nursing homes.

So, what does this mean for families looking into long term care? Well, it means that depending on your or your loved ones health, medical needs and location, in-home care may very well be the right choice. There are obviously some limitations to what an in-home care specialist can provide. However, barring any serious health issues, in-home care may be well worth the cost. With the ability to stay in the comfort of your own home, and one-on-one contact with a provider, the care you receive at home may very well be better than that of a nursing home facility.

For individuals looking into long-term care plans, it may help to speak to a skilled elder law attorney. With their help, appropriate costs for care can be approximated, and a plan can be made. With their skill and experience, planning for and enjoying your golden years is possible.