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What should you look for in a nursing home contract?

On Behalf of | Apr 15, 2015 | Medicare Planning

We will all reach that age where we aren’t able to do the things that we were able to do before. Whether it’s a simple physical motion or a more intricate activity, we will all struggle to do these things when we get older. Eventually, we will reach an age where we may not be able to safely take care of ourselves — and at that point, we, and our families, will have a decision to make. Is it time to move in with someone else, or is it time for a nursing home?

If you or a family member decides to enter a nursing home, there will be a contract that must be signed. This contract will contain some very important language in it that you must read and fully consider before signing. For example:

  • The contract should say what services are offered at the nursing home.
  • You should make Medicaid and Medicare provisions are included in the contract, and the ability to appeal decisions involving these crucial benefits.
  • Make sure there is language in there that governs moving the nursing home resident, may that be a forcible move out of the facility or just changing rooms. And make sure this language is to your liking.
  • If there is language that limits the liability of the nursing home, you should fight this.
  • The best way to fight it is to make sure that an experienced attorney looks over the contract, and then contests the nursing home contract appropriately (if necessary).

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