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A progressive disease diagnosis may jumpstart future planning

On Behalf of | Jul 31, 2019 | Medicaid Planning

Some people may have led relatively healthy lives and still find themselves facing serious medical diagnoses. For some Colorado residents, the diagnosis could involve a progressive disease like ALS or another motor neuron disease that could severely impact their lives. Because such conditions get worse over time, a diagnosis may jumpstart planning for the future.

Motor neuron diseases can cause a number of problems for the affected individuals. They may experience involuntary stiffness of the muscles or intense jerking of certain tendons. They could also lose muscle mass and strength. While these symptoms can start out as relatively mild, they can become much worse as the condition progresses, and it is not unusual for individuals to need a considerable amount of medical attention and care.

Of course, a person’s exact situation may depend on the disease with which he or she is diagnosed. Some individuals could face an ALS diagnosis while others face spinal muscular atrophy, progressive bulbar palsy, Kennedy’s disease or one of several other motor neuron conditions. The right diagnosis can go a long way in finding the right treatment and symptom management programs.

If Colorado residents do face diagnoses involving a progressive disease, they will undoubtedly want to focus on their health care, but it may also be wise to consider their financial situations. If individuals want to qualify for Medicaid to help offset some of their future expenses, they may need to plan ahead for qualification. Working with an elder law attorney could help interested parties understand this type of planning and how it could help them.