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Looking beyond estate planning to your care plan

On Behalf of | Jun 12, 2016 | Care Planning

Growing old brings many realities to the table that you may have never considered in your younger, healthier days. Sometime after your first scare, whether it was a small fall that did major damage or a common cold that landed you in the hospital, you may now have decided to open the door to your future and are ready to explore what tomorrow looks like in terms of elder care and what happens to your estate once you are gone.

Have you planned accordingly for any of this?

If you have not, and the idea of everything you don’t know dominates the thoughts of what you think you might know, an elder care attorney who is knowledgeable in estate planning can be an invaluable resource.  Vincent & Romeo, LLC, know that there are more factors to cover than the division of your legacy upon your death. There is also planning for  the care you will need for the remainder of your life.

Whether you may at one point need a power of attorney or a medical directive, and whether your desires around your estate would best be served by a will, a trust or another estate plan, your team can create the individualized plan that fits you and your specific wants and needs.

Don’t fall into a state of no action in the face of so many seeming obstacles, let  Vincent & Romeo, LLC  go to work for you and help you pass the baton, finish the race and come out a victor.