Estate planning for parents with children with special needs

On Behalf of | Jan 22, 2015 | Estate Planning

For every person, estate planning will be different. This is because each person brings their own unique circumstances to the table and these individual circumstances can heavily influence what sort of estate planning solutions are best suited for a person.

Certain circumstances can raise some particular estate planning concerns for a person. One is if they have children with special needs.

One of estate planning’s main aims is to ensure a person’s goals regarding what will happen when they pass away are met. One big goal that parents of special needs children often have in this regard is making sure that, after their death, their children get the financial support they need.

When setting up an estate plan aimed at achieving this goal, one thing it can be very important to take into account is public benefits eligibility.

Sometimes, individuals with special needs will qualify for public benefits. These benefits can be an important source of financial help. Thus, a parent of a child with special needs may want to structure their estate plan in a way that ensures that any financial benefits the estate plan, upon their death, provides their child will not endanger their child’s public benefits eligibility.

Our firm understands the sorts of impacts different circumstances, like a person having special needs children, can have when it comes to estate planning, and we are dedicated to helping our clients develop an estate plan meticulously tailored to their specific goals and circumstances. When it comes to helping our clients with estate planning issues, we take a holistic approach aimed at addressing such issues from both the legal and personal sides.