Financial Abuse

Financial abuse of the elderly occurs far too often and is on the rise with the growing population of aging baby boomers. Often, older adults have saved and planned for the future throughout their lives, yet many begin to suffer from the physical and cognitive consequences of aging. Combined, these factors make many older adults vulnerable to exploitation by both family members and nonfamily members, alike. Many of our clients have been victims of financial abuse themselves or believe their loved ones are being exploited. Addressing financial abuse often requires prompt legal action to put safeguards in place and recover misused funds.

Helping Clients In Denver And Throughout Colorado Recover From Elder Abuse And Financial Exploitation

Examples of past situations in which the lawyers at Vincent, Romeo & Rodriguez, LLC, helped clients in exploitation cases include:

  • Misuse of a power of attorney — An agent under power of attorney is a fiduciary and owes duties to the principal (the creator) of the power of attorney. If the agent breaches his or her fiduciary duty by, for example, using the principal's funds for the agent’s own needs, the funds can be recovered through a fiduciary surcharge legal action.
  • Conservatorships — Often an elder is exploited by a family member or supposed friend. If he or she has diminished capacity, getting a conservator appointed quickly to protect the elder's assets can stop such exploitation.

If a client's situation requires litigation, we offer experienced probate and estate litigation services. If necessary, we also maintain a network of resources, including law enforcement contacts, to assist clients who are facing ongoing elder abuse and financial exploitation.

We have vast experience in handling these types of cases. The following article describes practical solutions to addressing elder financial (abuse).

Compassionate Care During A Difficult Time: Vincent, Romeo & Rodriguez, LLC

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