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Setting up an elder care plan is just one step in the process. Once the plan is in place and the client has entered a care facility, the client may still require our services. A client’s needs may change, requiring an adjustment to his or her care plan. As part of our comprehensive approach to elder law planning, our lawyers and affiliated social workers, called elder care coordinators, continue to provide support and advocacy for our clients after care plans have been put in place.

Delivering Elder Care Advocacy In Denver And Throughout Colorado

The professionals at Vincent & Romeo, LLC, follow the firm’s signature approach when advocating for every client. This approach, called Holistic Eldercare Legal Planning (HELP), allows clients to receive high-quality legal and social work services. Our attorneys and elder care coordinators work together to provide for the legal and care needs of our clients using a total team approach.

As part of our cohesive approach, our advocacy services also encompass family education, crisis intervention and litigation referrals. Because we provide comprehensive services, our team of professionals is often involved long term in our clients’ lives and is very familiar with their circumstances. This puts us in a good position to be advocates on behalf of our clients who are being cared for in nursing homes and other types of care facilities.

Experienced Elder Care Planning: Vincent & Romeo, LLC

For more details regarding how you can benefit from our firm’s signature Holistic Eldercare Legal Planning approach, we invite you to call us at either of our offices to schedule an initial appointment: 303-500-5859 in Englewood. You can also contact our firm online. All communications are held in complete confidence.

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