Norma Johnson


Norma has been with the firm of Vincent, Romeo and Rodriguez since 2005 and served as Receptionist and Administrative Assistant for most of those years, serving our clients and staff. Norma now works with our Public Benefits Team, addressing our client's needs for Medicaid benefits.

Hailing from New Jersey and also California and Alaska, Norma has a varied background in business, the arts and not-for-profit ventures. She has worked as an administrator in local and corporate business and with local not-for-profit organizations wherever she has lived. Additionally, her artistic ventures include professionally costuming in the fields of theater, opera, TV and film as well as performing.

Norma is a spiritual healer and her passion centers around supporting people to engage their best life. She is very active in the realms of social and racial justice activism where she authors and performs poems about race, writes stories and facilitates workshops. She is an active volunteer in the community and loves connecting people to other people, activities and resources that enhance and celebrate the deliciousness of life.