Medicaid Planning And Asset Protection

When it comes to Medicaid planning and asset protection, people often come to us misinformed. It is simply not true that Medicaid is only for the poor. Even when people have been told by another professional that they have too many assets to qualify for Medicaid, we can very often provide the planning they need to qualify for Medicaid eligibility while still preserving assets.

Experienced Elder Care Planning Professionals Serving Denver And Other Colorado Communities

To build effective Medicaid plans for our clients, the elder care planning professionals of Vincent, Romeo & Rodriguez, LLC, apply the firm's signature approach to these issues. We call this signature approach Holistic Eldercare Legal Planning (HELP). HELP means we have built our firm specifically to account for both sides of most elder care planning matters — the personal side and the legal side.

To that end, our firm offers clients the unique benefit of social workers, also called elder care coordinators. These social workers hold decades of experience working with clients to help them find the care and services they need to maintain a high quality of life and monitoring those needs going forward.

Because our attorneys work side by side with our care coordinators on a daily basis, we eliminate costly and time-consuming coordination efforts between professionals working at different sites and for different employers. Our total team approach enables us to work closely with each of our clients when performing Medicaid planning — allowing us to maximize asset protection while also finding good quality care. This approach allows us to better understand each client's unique circumstances and to individually tailor our professional guidance accordingly.

Comprehensive Elder Care Planning Services: Vincent, Romeo & Rodriguez, LLC

To help you understand how you can benefit from our firm's signature Holistic Eldercare Legal Planning approach, our lawyers and elder care coordinators invite you to call them at either of our offices to schedule an initial appointment: 303-500-5859 in Englewood or 303-720-7260 in Boulder County. You can also reach our firm online. All communications are held in complete confidence.

The Consumers Guide to Medicaid Planning and Asset Preservation