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While the elder is living at home or with family, a Life Care Plan provides care coordination and support services that ease the burdens on family caregivers. Our on-staff care coordinator conducts an assessment, identifies appropriate care and community services, offers family education, coordinates services, helps you anticipate and prevent problems and serves as an advocate for high-quality care. The goal of the plan is to keep your loved one at home as long as possible with support.

As the elder’s condition progresses, our elder law attorneys and care coordinator are developing a plan of action that explains how your loved one’s legal, financial, health care, housing and long-term care issues can be handled as your loved one’s condition changes. If and when nursing home or assisted living care is needed, you already have a plan in place to qualify for and access medicaid and other public benefits if needed. Your plan lays out how you will access appropriate community resources, transition to the right long-term care facility and pay for long-term care while seeking to preserve assets.

After the elder moves to a long-term care facility, our care coordinator visits to monitor quality of care and serve as the resident’s and family’s advocate. The Care Coordinators and attorneys work closely together with the staff to help assure quality of life. If problems occur, our attorneys get involved to resolve them as quickly as possible.

A family crisis is often unexpected and overwhelming. We are prepared to act quickly to help you select the right long-term care facility or home based services and to develop a Medicaid plan designed to preserve assets for the spouse and family. We are often first contacted when a crisis occurs and placement in a long-term care facility is needed immediately. In such cases, we are prepared to act quickly to help you select the right long-term care facility and to develop a Medicaid Plan designed to preserve family assets for the spouse and family members.

A Life Care Plan benefits every member of the family. For more information or to schedule a consultation, call 303-500-5859 in Metro Denver.

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