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Fiduciary Services In The Denver Area

During the course of elder care planning, individuals sometimes come to the conclusion that there is no one in his or her life to act as a personal representative for his or her estate or conservator or guardian for his or her loved one. They may not want to burden their family members or expose them to liability should they make a mistake in handling estate finances. Parties in estate litigation may want an experienced professional handling the estate as a special administrator during will or trust litigation.

Instead of referring these clients to another service agency, we provide fiduciary services as part of our comprehensive approach to elder care planning to our clients in the Denver area and other communities in Colorado.

Delivering Trustworthy Fiduciary Services And Trust Administration To Clients Throughout Colorado

At Vincent & Romeo, LLC, we provide a number of different fiduciary services, including serving as:

  • Personal representatives
  • Conservators
  • Special administrators
  • Trustees
  • Agents under financial powers of attorney

We assist our clients by paying claims and properly managing estate finances. We also accept fiduciary appointments as personal representative and conservator in cases where families may want a neutral professional handling the financial and estate administration matters. As a special administrator, we handle an estate’s finances while disputes are being litigated or settled during probate.

Experienced Attorneys Providing Fiduciary Services: Vincent & Romeo, LLC

For more information regarding our fiduciary services, we invite you to call us at one of our offices to schedule an initial appointment with our lawyers: 303-500-5859 in Englewood. Alternatively, you can contact our firm online. All communications are held in complete confidence.

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