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Medicare's website may be more user-friendly in 2016

Hundreds of thousands of seniors and newly retired individuals have been anxiously anticipating the changes coming to Medicare for the new year. Despite rumors of sky-high premiums and other concerning issues, not all the changes in Medicare are for the worse. In fact, one of the main upgrades Medicare recipients may notice is that the Medicare website has improved its user friendliness.

Good news for Medicare recipients in 2016

Earlier this year many seniors were concerned with the projected prices for Medicare part B. Initially, Medicare part B monthly premiums were projected to increase by some 30 percent for new enrollees. However, thanks to a bipartisan budget act signed into law in November, roughly 70 percent of the U.S.'s Medicare beneficiaries will not see a Medicare part B premium increase in 2016. The other 30 percent of Medicare beneficiaries that had anticipated paying much more for part B will actually pay much less than experts previously thought.

Don't be misinformed on Medicaid

It is a common misconception that in order to receive Medicaid benefits, an individual must be poor. This simply is not true. In fact, with proper planning many people can receive Medicaid benefits while protecting their assets and property from the threat of spend down. While estate planning is confusing on its own, trying to plan for future medical expenses at the same time can be downright maddening. That is why individuals looking for asset protection and Medicaid benefits should speak to a trusted elder law attorney.

Big increase in Medicare costs on the horizon

In what could be the largest increase in Medicare costs since the program's inception, recipients could see their Medicare part B premium skyrocket to 50 percent higher than last year. The New York Times reports that the rise in Medicare costs are closely linked to a 'hold harmless' provision that is impacting Social Security checks, keeping them unchanged for the third year in a row.

Millions of enrollees to pay more for part B

For millions of Americans turning 65 is usually met with a sigh of relief, as their health coverage costs become a bit more affordable with Medicare. However, according to a new story in USA Today, for millions of enrollees in 2016, Medicare may not be as affordable, as the cost of part B is expected to rise a whopping 52 percent.

Social Security celebrated its 80th birthday

The Social Security program celebrated its 80th birthday in mid August, and with its celebration came discussion of whether or not a big overhaul is in its future. If you are coming up on your Social Security eligibility age, it may be wise to keep informed of what changes and newfound issues may impact you.

What is Medicare assignment?

Medicare can be difficult to understand. The ins and outs of it simply don't make much sense to many of the same people it is designed to help. If you are currently enrolled in Medicare or soon-to-be eligible for Medicare, chances are you have questions about where you can go, and who you can see for your health care.

Medicare 101

The ins and outs of medical insurance, Medicaid and Medicare can get so complicated that it can feel like you need to go back to school to figure out all of the options. With that in mind, let's start with Medicare's absolute basics.

It's true: Medicare pays for some long-term skilled nursing care

Just as Americans have struggled with how to pay for long-term care for senior citizens who require daily, skilled nursing, so has our government. For a long time, people without independent means to pay for nursing home care were forced to rely on Medicaid, the federal insurance plan for the poor. The rules for Medicaid eligibility are strict, however, so it wasn't enough that people couldn't afford expensive long-term care; they needed to be poor enough overall to qualify.

Medicare vs. Medicaid: what's the difference?

You would be forgiven for not knowing the difference between the two, or at the very least confusing the two, because they not only sound very similar, but they also have the goal of helping people who are in need of medical care. But there are some profound differences between Medicare and Medicaid that people need to know about so that they can properly apply for, and hopefully use, these programs.

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