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Guardianship appointment vital part of estate plan

No matter how much one plans and prepares, the future still remains uncertain. Even the best plans can go awry. With this in mind, one cannot be certain the he or she will always be able to take care of him or herself. If the day comes when this is not possible, it may be necessary for a guardianship appointment to be made for the Colorado resident.

Guardianship established by the court

Life is full of changes. One moment the Colorado resident is worried about the stock market; the next moment the individual is concerned with a medical diagnosis. Then there is always the possibility that something will happen and the individual will become unable to take care of him or herself. If this does become reality, it may be necessary for guardianship to be established by a court.

Guardianship is an important responsibility

At some point in time, it is possible that a Colorado resident will no longer be able to make legal decisions. When this happens, it is often necessary for a guardianship relationship to be established. This relationship can have been established by the individual through the estate planning process, or it may be necessary for a court to appoint a guardian.

When a senior needs a guardian

There may come a day when you realize that your elderly mother cannot make important decisions by herself. In these circumstances, it may be in her best interests to have a guardian. At Vincent, Romeo and Rodriguez, LLC, we understand that sometimes it is difficult to know when you should make these decisions for your mother.

What accounting duties does a conservator have?

If you have a parent or other loved one who is no longer able to take care of his or her financial affairs, it may be time to set up a conservatorship. Essentially, a  conservator is someone who can be designated or approved by the court to manage your loved one's finances. One of the primary functions of a conservator would be to protect your loved one's assets.

Becoming a guardian of a loved one may be kindest act possible

It can be one of the most difficult experiences of your life; realizing that a loved one has reached a point of being unable to handle his or her personal responsibilities. And it is possible that it is in their best interests for you to intervene and take control of the situation by becoming their guardian.

Choosing a legal guardian in an emergency situation

If you have a family member who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, you likely realize that at some point, his or her ability to make decisions will become severely impaired. At such a time, it can be extremely beneficial for your loved one to have a guardian. A guardian can perform many important functions, such as making sure your loved one receives proper medical care and remains in a dignified and safe living environment.

What are a fiduciary's primary responsibilities?

The appointment of a conservator is one of the most important steps taken during elder care planning. A conservator typically acts as a fiduciary. A fiduciary is tasked with handling the finances of the protected person. As such, a fiduciary must always act in good faith and be honest and trustworthy.

What you should know about appointing a guardianship

When you are asked, appointed or believe that you would be doing the right thing to become the guardian of someone who is no longer able tend to his or her personal affairs, you will need to petition the court. However, be prepared to submit both an up-to-date credit report and have the record of your criminal history checked.

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