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Month: June 2020

Should I be my parent’s guardian?

If your parent can no longer manage his or her own care without help, it may be time to appoint a guardian. A guardian assists a vulnerable adult (also called the ward) in various tasks, from arranging health care to shopping for clothes and food. This role is a...

Changing your estate plan as your kids grow up

Having children can change a person’s ideas about the future. As such, creating an estate plan is something many people do when they become parents.Creating an estate plan is certainly wise for new parents. However, it is also important to update and revise your plans...

4 mistakes to avoid when creating a trust in Colorado

Trusts can be a critical part of an estate plan. People create trusts for various reasons, including probate avoidance, shielding assets, protecting young or disabled beneficiaries, reducing estate taxes. Whatever reasons you may have for wanting to include a trust in...

What do guardians and conservators do?

Being appointed to certain legal roles can be intimidating. In the space of one event, you could become responsible for someone else's financial health, safety and decision-making. It can be a lot to take on, particularly if you are not prepared for the role.For...

Why should I have a Medicaid plan?

If you are healthy, it can be difficult to imagine a situation where you would require full-time care in a nursing home. However, this is one possibility you should not ignore when you are thinking about the care and services you may need as you get older.In fact,...


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