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Month: April 2020

Should I have a living will?

If you fall ill and cannot express your wishes regarding medical care, doctors will seek answers about your care by looking for: a living will, a medical durable power of attorney, or your loved ones. Under these circumstances, having your family make decisions...

Ways to connect with vulnerable loved ones

Personal interaction is important. It can improve our health and well-being to be with people we love and care about. As such, being unable to spend time with someone can be very upsetting, especially when he or she is ill or elderly.However, even when you cannot be...

Creating a will in the digital age

Today, more people than ever are conducting business online or during virtual meetings. And when it comes to creating an estate plan, there are digital solutions that allow people to make a will, consult professionals and manage assets without ever leaving home....

What are the different types of powers of attorney?

Assigning powers of attorney is a critical step in the estate planning process. It provides vital protections and guidance during a tumultuous time, which can prevent legal and personal disputes, not to mention financial turmoil. However, people can misunderstand what...


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