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Month: February 2020

What does Medicaid cover?

Paying for medical care can be extremely expensive, especially as a person gets older and requires more care-related services. Planning for how you will pay for these services before you actually need them can allow you to protect your legacy and secure the care you...

3 critical estate planning tips for new parents

Welcoming a new baby into your family is a joyous and overwhelming experience. Between sleepless nights and figuring out feeding schedules, most new parents have more than enough to think about during those first few months. However, when things start to normalize,...

What decisions does a fiduciary make?

The idea of a person making financial decisions on someone else's behalf can seem straightforward. And in the context of estate planning or long-term care planning, people often oversimplify fiduciary duties.To understand why fiduciaries are so important and why you...


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