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Month: October 2019

When does a guardianship end?

If you or your loved one becomes incapacitated, Colorado courts can assign a legal guardian to make decisions regarding the ward's welfare, support, health, education and care. This person is typically someone appointed by the ward himself or herself, a spouse or an...

Helping elderly parents avoid scams and financial abuse

As parents get older, many adult children are finding themselves in a position to provide care and support for them. This might mean living with them, visiting them every week in a nursing home facility or calling them more frequently to check in on them. However, if...

How to set up a special needs trust

As you get older, you may wonder what your grandchildren will grow up to be and what your children will do when you are no longer with them. This thought process can be even more difficult if you have a loved one with special needs in your family.Obviously, you want...


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