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Month: May 2019

Tips for preventing inheritance disputes

Estate planning forces you to reckon with what will happen once you pass away. Not only do you need to decide what happens with your assets and money, but you need to consider the interests of your heirs. Even if it seems unlikely, it is possible for your...

What is financial elder abuse?

As your parent gets older, you may be primarily concerned with his or her physical and mental condition. While this is certainly a priority, you should not forget about financial health too. Sadly, elder financial abuse is a common phenomenon that deserves your...

Living arrangements for the golden years

There is no question that medical advancements allow people to live longer, fuller lives. Many people require specific levels of support to maximize their independence while maintaining optimal health care. To meet these needs, the options for seniors can seem endless...

Estate planning and digital accounts

In today's world, almost every household has one or more computers. These devices have made life simpler in many ways. For example, the Colorado resident can pay bills, make purchases and communicate with friends and family without leaving the comfort of the recliner....


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