Probate And Estate Litigation In Colorado

Sometimes, despite a loved one's attempt to sufficiently plan their estate, litigation after their death becomes necessary. A family member may be upset because he or she was left out of a will. Or, a trustee, personal representative, or agent under power of attorney (fiduciary) may not be performing his or her duties correctly, requiring the beneficiaries to step in and ask the court for help. It is important during this emotional time to be represented by a team of skilled probate and estate litigators.

Providing Comprehensive Services In Denver And Other Colorado Communities

The lawyers at Vincent, Romeo & Rodriguez, LLC, have years of experience in probate and estate litigation. Our attorneys handle a range of probate and estate litigation matters, including:

  • Contesting the validity of a will or trust
  • Defending a will or trust
  • Helping individuals who believe their loved ones were unduly and unnaturally influenced by someone else when creating estate planning instruments
  • Bringing claims against a trustee, personal representative, or other fiduciary for breaching his or her fiduciary duties
  • Defending a fiduciary who is accused of misconduct without merit
  • Representing lay and professional fiduciaries in contentious trusts and estates
  • Representing clients in contested guardianship and conservatorship cases

We understand the sensitive and sometimes urgent nature of probate and estate litigation. Our legal team works closely with each of our clients throughout the process, answering questions the client may have by providing pragmatic and objective legal advice. Based on the client's needs and objectives, we create trial strategies tailored to the specifics of each case while also seeking favorable settlements.

Straightforward Probate And Estate Litigation: Vincent, Romeo & Rodriguez, LLC

For more information about how our firm can help you and your family, our lawyers invite you to call us at one of our offices to schedule an initial appointment: 303-500-5859 in Englewood or 303-720-7260 in Boulder County. You can also contact us online. All communications are held in complete confidence.