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Married? Divorced? Then you should update your will

After you've created a will, what do you think is the responsible thing to do? Should you make copies of the will and distribute them to important individuals in your life (such as an attorney), while also securing the original and updating it frequently? Or should you just create one and forget about it?

Hopefully you don't choose the latter option, because if you don't update your will on a frequent basis, you could be risking complications during the administrative process of executing your estate.

A grieving widow and her not-so-caring caretaker

When Gudrun Block-Sabanovich and her husband Nicholas, a retired Stanford professor, moved from Palo Alto to Sonoma County, the pair amassed a sizable real estate portfolio in the 30 years they lived in the area. Eventually, the couple settled in Wikiup, California.

After Nicholas’ death in 2015, Theodore Smith Hudson III, the couple’s longtime handyman, became a caretaker for Block-Sabanovich. She and her late husband had no surviving children.

Overcoming the reluctance of filing a living will

No one wants to think about a life that will someday end, let alone plan for it. Regardless of health issues and their severity, the prospect of facing mortality is often too much for people to cope with. Emotion gets in the way and often delays the need to take much needed, proactive steps.

For nearly 50 years, health professionals have promoted advance healthcare directives, more commonly known as living wills, and their numerous benefits. Yet, in spite of the hype, only one-third of U.S. adults have one at the ready.

Carrie Fisher's daughter to inherit a majority of her estate

Billie Lourd is ready to just be herself. The 24-year-old actress has had to live in the shadows of two very impressive and iconic actresses who happen to be her mother and grandmother. But sadly, she no longer has them in her life.

Lourd’s mother, Carrie Fisher, passed away just after Christmas last year. In what many termed to be death from a broken heart, Fisher’s mother, Debbie Reynolds passed away the next day.

Simple steps to begin an estate plan

Indeed, August is not the ideal time to begin resolutions. After all, most people are set in their ways when the last month of the summer comes along. This is probably why “New Year’s resolutions” are so popular. But like promises to eat better, lose weight or stave off other bad habits, it is never too early to start an estate plan.  The problem most people have is simply getting started.

Many may believe that creating an estate plan is too complicated and expensive. Others may think that they must have a million dollar estate or a large business to pass on. Both are fears that can be quickly overcome, and this post will highlight a few simple steps to get started.

The persistence of the woman claiming to be Dali’s daughter

Maria Pila Abel is taking great lengths to prove that her father was a famous surrealist painter best known for The Persistence of Memory, a 1931 classic featuring melting clocks in a desert landscape. Born in 1956, she alleges that Salvador Dali and her mother – who worked for a family near Dali’s Cadaques, Spain, home – had an affair.

Her mother and grandmother had relayed the story for years that Dali was her father, in spite of the artist’s claims throughout his life that he never had children.

Hiding in plain sight: Elderly financial abuse within a family

The elderly are besieged with scams as close as their front doors, particularly over the summer months. So-called window salespeople, alleged stockbrokers, and supposed in-home care “professionals” prey on older people. These unfriendly neighborhood con artists” offer “services” too good to be true.

Sadly, predators can come in other forms. Family members hide in plain site with, at best, dubious intentions. They exploit the isolation of those who are trusting to a fault and just want someone around. Even more tragically, they succeed far too often in getting an elderly loved one to part with their money.

Keys to avoiding nursing homes

While the proliferation of nursing homes and assisted living centers continues to grow in Colorado, the desire for independent aging is also garnering more attention. Of course, there are a number of benefits to aging outside of a nursing home. The financial impact is undeniable and many elderly Californians (and their family members) probably prefer that they stay at home.

Of course, there are no guarantees when it comes to maintaining good health, but a recent study highlighted on revealed several strategies that can help those going into their golden years avoid the need for a nursing home. 

Business succession tips for women business owners

The growth in the nation’s economy since the last recession is unquestionable. It has spawned a number of small businesses, particularly the number of new enterprises owned by women. According to a number of media reports, more than nine million small businesses are owned by women, which accounts for about a third of all active businesses across the country.

And like their male counterparts, women should plan for their personal futures with just as much detail as their businesses. With that, estate planning should be a part of their business planning. This post will focus on a few things that should be part of a business owner’s estate plan.   

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